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Dirty Porcelain Kitchen Sink

Solve Dirty Porcelain Kitchen Sink

Dirty Porcelain Kitchen Sink Problem

When you have renovated your home especially you kitchen and your kitchen sink has even been changed with the porcelain one so it will be more beautiful when some of your guests look at your kitchen, it does not mean that your new kitchen sink should not need to be maintained and do not consider that the dirty porcelain kitchen sink can easily be cleaned. Do not ever let your porcelain kitchen sink in a dirty condition for a long time because the white porcelain sinks are included in the difficult ones to be cleaned because the sink will be started to be looked dirty and dingy by the stains and spots. However, do not worry about this kind of thing anymore, you can handle them by following these tips.

  • You know, dirty porcelain kitchen sink is the most bothering thing that will force you to take your time to clean them and for the first step that should be done by you is that the sink should be cleaned regularly with non-abrasive cleansers and non-scratching sponges. Moreover, the protective layer of the sink can be scratched away from the hard scrubbing surfaces so it can be made more porous and easier to be stained. Do not let your porcelain kitchen sink to be dirtier than today’s.
  • In cleaning your dirty porcelain kitchen sink, the fresh lemons can be used by you so the small new spots and stains can be whitened weekly if possible because lemon is the natural bleaching agent that the small new stains can be faded away without the harsh chemicals can be used. The lemon can be cut in half and it can also be rubbed directly on the stain and it can then be left on the sink for around ten minutes before it can be rinsed. Before it can be rinsed, if the stain has been faded or not should be checked as well.

    Clean Dirty Porcelain Kitchen Sink

    How to Clean Dirty Porcelain Kitchen Sink

  • Moreover, a mixture of alum and lemon juice can be rubbed so the stubborn stains can be got out and the parts of both ingredients can be mixed and the sink can then be scrubbed with a soft sponge till the stains lightened or disappeared. A few tries may be needed for all stains to be disappeared so be patient because it cannot be handled once you try. After that, to clean your dirty porcelain kitchen sink, the “not going anywhere” stains can be bleached out with the liquid bleach or a nonabrasive cleaning product that the bleach is contained.

    How to Bleach Dirty Porcelain Kitchen Sink

    Bleach Dirty Porcelain Kitchen Sink

  • The sink can then be stopped up and it can also be filled with bleach from the bottle before it can be left to be soaked in about ten minutes and when the stains disappear, the sink can be rinsed thoroughly. The nice finish of porcelain sinks should be removed slowly because when the bleach is contained in the products you use, it will be harsh enough to your sink. The bleach pens can be used when the small stubborn stains are found by you.

    Solve Dirty Porcelain Kitchen Sink

    Dirty Porcelain Kitchen Sink Problem

  • The last but not least, your porcelain sink can be shined up with a vinegar bath. The shine will definitely be brought back by this if the protective coating has not been scrubbed or removed yet off the porcelain. Well, there will be no more dirty porcelain kitchen sink from now on!

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