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Organic Fungicide Recipe

Organic Fungicide Recipe Ingredients

The Ideas of Organic Fungicide Recipe

Gardening is an activity that cannot be considered as an easy task because you should be patient and careful when it comes to maintain your every plant and check them whether they are in good and healthy conditions or not and if there are some insects or even fungus, the quick solution should be taken by you. Pesticides and fungicides are the best solutions that can be chosen and used by you for getting rid of any insects and fungus that can damage your plants, but it will be better if the organic ones are preferred and used by you. However, you will not need to be confused about how to get the organic fungicides because you can make it yourself with the organic fungicides recipe.

The first harmless ingredient which can be found in the organic fungicides recipe is baking soda because the profusion of uses is owned by the baking soda and one of the profusion contained in the baking soda is regarded as a natural fungicide in the garden. Even the roses of black spot can be ridden by its effectiveness and the blight and powdery mildew can also be treated by this and all you need to do here is that 1 tsp. of baking soda can be dissolved in 1 qt. of water. The mixture can then be added to a clean spray bottle and the affected plant can be sprayed thoroughly later.

It will be helped to be spread more evenly when you add the dash of mild or castile soap to the baking soda fungicide, but there is also another ingredient in organic fungicides recipe which is also natural and will not be harmful for your plants, it is known as garlic oil. Here, a bulb of garlic can be minced by you and it can be infused in 1 to 2 oz. of olive oil for a minimum of 24 hours before the garlic oil can be set in a warm and sunny location when the infusion is being done. The garlic can then be strained before a clean spray bottle can be filled with water and ¼ oz. of castile or mild soap and the garlic oil fungicide can be added.

Organic Fungicide Recipe Ingredients

The Ideas of Organic Fungicide Recipe

After that, the affected plant areas can be sprayed thoroughly and a test can be done by you in a small area of your plants if in case the sensitive ornamentals want to be used on. The other ingredient that can be made for organic fungicides recipe is the apple cider vinegar which is almost the same as baking soda because many people use it for a multitude of purposes. 3 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar can be mixed with a gallon of water and they can be shaken thoroughly.

Organic Fungicide Recipe Efficiency

Organic Fungicide Recipe Advantages

This apple cider vinegar fungicide recipe can be used for the black spot on roses, mildew, leaf spot and scab’s treatment and the mixture can be used out of direct sunlight and the all affected areas of your plants can then be sprayed on. Alternatively, neem oil can also be the best solution. 2 tbsp. of neem oil can be mixed with 1 gallon of water and they can be shaken before your affected plants areas can be sprayed on. Its effectiveness is got from the antifungal properties contained in the neem tree.

Organic Fungicide Recipe Making Tips

How to Make Organic Fungicide Recipe

What is your opinion about the organic fungicides recipe mentioned before? Which one you want to try? Have a nice try and keep your plants from any fungus and insects well.


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