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Laying Tiles In a Bathroom: Beginner Tips

How to Lay Tile In a Bathroom

How to Lay Tile In a BathroomBathroom floor is one of the most important aspects in your bathroom area. In this present day, you might see there are many options of the bathroom flooring which you can choose according to your needs. One of those options is tile flooring. Installing the tile flooring in your bathroom area is not too difficult but you will need proper planning process and patience when you are laying tile flooring in your bathroom areas. The tile floor will be able to add the fresh and new look in your bathroom. By installing the tile flooring by your own, you will be able to save more money and you will feel more satisfied with the result. If you are planning to install the tile flooring in your bathroom, you need at least to have basic knowledge about DIY job. Here are some simple tips on how to lay tile in a bathroom which you can follow.

Before starting the tile installation process, you need to prepare some things including ceramic tiles, straight edge, and also pencil. The first step to do is removing the old tiles flooring from your bathroom floor. You can remove the old flooring carefully by using chisel. According to the experts, this process is considered as the hardest job. If you have finished in removing the old tile flooring, you should clean the surface until it is smooth and clean. In cleaning the flooring, you can simply use the grease cleaner. This tool is working effective to remove any grease from the floor. Based on how to lay tile in a bathroom, cleaning process is important since if there is any grease left on the floor, your new tile flooring will not be able to stick to the floor surface.

The next step in installing the tile flooring is measuring and cutting the flooring tile. Cutting the tile flooring can be done easier if you are using cutting tools. There are two useful tools which you can choose including wet saw and tile cutter. The wet saw can be used to cut the large tiles while the tile cutter is useful to cut smaller tiles. You do not have to purchase the tools since there are some home improvement stores which rent it. Many tips on how to lay tile in a bathroom recommend you to rent the tool from the stores.

How to Lay Tile In a BathroomAfter that, you have to ensure to double and triple check the floor measurements before cutting and applying the adhesive. Tips on how to lay tile in a bathroom stated that the right measurements are important. You need to lay the tiles on the bathroom floor as the dry run. It means there is no adhesive used before pulling them up when you are done.

Next, you should use the notched trowel in applying the tile adhesive to the bathroom floor. Apply the adhesive evenly. You can work in 2-3 foot areas before letting the adhesive to sit for some minutes. Make sure you are waiting for some minutes before placing the floor tile on it. In placing the floor tile, you need to put it firmly into adhesive. The process should be started in the middle of the floor before including spacers for each.

When you have finished, you should allow the floor tile set in the adhesive for overnight. After completing the process, you just need to remove the spacers before mixing the grout. Follow the directions which come from the manufacturers in mixing the grout. Home owners can use the rubber float before applying the grout in-between the floor tiles. You need to apply it at 45 degree angle. If there is any grout excess, you can simply wipe it by using wet sponge.

How to Lay Tile In a BathroomWait for an hour before you can check the floor tiles for grout haze. Make sure you wipe it clean. For the areas close to bathtub, toilet, sink, and also cabinets, you need to sea the edges by using mildew resistant. According to many tips how to lay tile in a bathroom, you have wait for the flooring to cure for a week before mopping it clean.

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