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Girls Bedroom Decoration and Designs

Girls Bedroom Layout

Best Girls Bedroom

If you have a teenage girl, you must let her to make her own bedroom design and layout as well as the paint color, right? Different girl will have different taste and interest when it comes to design or accessorize bedroom even though they are teenagers, but there must be some things that will be the same like some girls bedroom that can be found in pink colors or beautiful and cute design with the accessories as well. So, the first thing that should be done here is that the dimensions of the bedroom should be measured and a floor plan graph paper should also be made with one square on the paper equal to 1 square foot of space.

Girls Bedroom Theme

Girls Bedroom Theme

After that, the immovable items can be marked on your plan like doors, windows, and electrical outlets because the furniture placement will be influenced by them and what should be replaced, recycled, or kept are also needed to be decided by you. Moreover, all unwanted pieces can be removed and they can even be donated to a thrift store and the major items of furniture on your floor plan can also be drawn. Do not forget that the space for getting dressed, applying makeup, relaxing and studying should be allocated well and these should be prioritized when the space is found that this is too tight.

Two primary colors can with two accent colors for your girls bedroom can be selected and that the illusion of more space will be given by the lighter colors should also be remembered by you while the dramatic effect will be created by the darker colors. Pink and purple are two most common girl bedroom color themes. Therefore, the interior design books and magazines can be looked at by you for getting more inspiration before the walls can be painted. Now, a matte latex paint can be applied for a finish that the light will not be reflected or any bumps will also not be bumped or flaws on the walls.

Pinky Girls Bedroom

Modern Girls Bedroom

There’s plenty of different ways to decorate a girl’s bedroom. The next thing that should be done in making girls bedroom perfect is that the details should be added to the walls with a border, stencils or vinyl wall stickers and removable wall stickers can be east to be attached and replaced when the look of the walls want to be changed by your teen. The patterns with star and moon stickers can be created by a starlit sky theme while a floral patterned border or stencil flowers can be attached on the walls of the flowers theme is used by you. Now, a comfortable chair or sofa, a couple of occasional tables and bean bag chairs can be positioned in a corner of the room.

Girls Bedroom Furniture

Perfect Girls Bedroom

A sitting area for your teen can be created when these furniture are placed there so her friends can be entertained. A small futon can also be purchased for sleepovers if there is enough room and some empty floor space can be left for guests’ sleeping bags. The essentials like a small trash can and a laundry bin can be purchased as well to be placed in the girls bedroom.

Girls Bedroom Layout

Best Girls Bedroom

After the main points mentioned above have already done by you, the complement things can be started to be thought and done. Have a good luck in making your daughter happy. If you want more details, all about girls bedroom can be looked for through home design magazines or sites.

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