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Recessed Medicine Cabinets with Mirrors

Are you considering a recessed medicine cabinet in your house and currently confused on what type of recessed medicine cabinet that will be perfect? If you do then you can consider recessed medicine cabinets with mirrors. This kind of recessed cabinet does not only have a high functional value but also a great aesthetic value as well.

The common profile of a recessed medicine cabinet will be about an inch from the wall you want to attach it. The recessed medicine cabinet’s shoulder should sit exactly on the wall’s face that it will be hung perfectly and gives a contemporary style. Commonly, the box of recessed medicine cabinet will be divided into four and two inches wall spaces to accommodate the medicine you want to store later on. You can put some types of medicine, bottled, capsules and also pills, and you can also put some first aid kits as well. This way you can easily run to this one place and get various medicines you need at the time.

Recessed medicine cabinets with mirrors can definitely give us a lot of benefits. Typically, this kind of recessed medicine cabinet will be equipped with mirrors inside and outside the cabinet door. The inside mirror will give you a lot of benefit. Firstly, you can take a look at the mirror while applying an ointment for your face or treat your eyes using the liquid eyes treatment. Secondly, it will also be able to reflect light so it will definitely help you find the needed medicine right away. Meanwhile, the outside mirror is usually attached onto the medicine cabinet’s door. Aside from its main function, the mirror can also be able to give spacious effect to your bathroom. Therefore, this kind of recessed medicine cabinets with mirrors will be perfect though you have a small room.

There are several points you need to know in case you want to install your own recessed medicine cabinets with mirrors. First of all, you need to determine where you want to put the recessed medicine cabinet. The most recommended room to place this equipment is bathroom. After you have chosen the room then the next step you need to do is to measure the space of wall you want to hang the medicine cabinet. Of course, you have to measure the dimension of your desired cabinet first so it can perfectly fit the prepared space. After you get the right measurement, you can draw the space using a pencil so you can easily arrange the cabinet once it is ready.

After you get the right space to hang the recessed medicine cabinet then the next step you need to do is to cut the drywall so you can easily attach the cabinet later on. In order to get the medicine cabinet strongly attached, you can use drywall screws. Remember to leave the mirrors unattached first so they will not get scratched during the installation process. Once you have set the medicine cabinet, you can install the mirrors. Voila! Now you have your dream recessed medicine cabinet with mirrors.

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