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Sterilize Garden Soil

How to Sterilize Garden Soil

The Ways to Sterilize Garden Soil

If we have already discussed about the sterilization of the potting soil before, so today what we are going to share to you is about sterilize garden soil as one of the most important things that should be known by you if you really love gardening and there are many cases that the pathogens can be found by most farmers and they should be killed within the soil. It may happen also to your garden, so you should be more careful and the pathogens should still be killed faster and it can be done perfectly when your garden soil is sterilized. For making your soil and your plants later can still be healthy, then the non-chemical ones should be chosen by you and check the following out.

The first that we are going to recommend to you is the compost that can be used to sterilize garden soil and that 160 degrees Fahrenheit can be reached by the center of a pile of compost can be made sure by you because it should be warmer so the pathogens can be killed most. Moreover, the bacteria can be killed effectively when you can correctly manage the compost. If you cannot correctly manage the compost, the bacteria can possibly be spread if you subsequently use the compost, so making sure that the management is correct is also important.

The second recommendation given to you here is baking to sterilize garden soil easily and the pathogens will be killed in soil when an oven has generated the heat even though the pathogens will be killed by the smelly way of the baking soil. The damp soil can be placed in an oven bag and the bag can then be put into a cake pan and this method can be realized that it can be worked best for small quantities of your soil. An oven will be allowed to be heated to 210 degrees Fahrenheit before the soil can be placed in the oven and it can be kept there for one hour.

How to Sterilize Garden Soil

The Ways to Sterilize Garden Soil

The next recommendation or way to sterilize garden soil is the soil solarization because nematodes and pathogens can be killed by this in the southern part of the country where there are sufficient hot days so the soil diseases can be killed properly. The soil can then be watered by you and the wto layers of clear four mil plastic can be spread over the soil as well. Then, the soil will be left and allowed to be warmed by the sun to a temperature which is warmer so the diseases can be killed.

Sterilize Garden Soil Tips

The Tips to Sterilize Garden Soil

By doing one of the sterilization of garden soil as recommended before, all unwanted weeds, insects, nematodes, and diseases can be eliminated very well by them. Moreover, that the beneficial soil organisms may also be killed by when your garden soil is sterilized should also be kept in mind. Additionally, the tradeoff may also be needed and the structure of the soil can be rebuilt over time and lots of organics can be added to the soil.

Sterilize Garden Soil Ideas

The Ideas to Sterilize Garden Soil

In the end of the day, which one of the sterilization ways is that can be used easily by you? They all are really efficient, effective, and also easy to be used, so your garden can be protected optimally. So, when you want to have a garden, you should also be ready to sterilize garden soil first.

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