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Basic Lawn Maintenance Rules

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Know about Basic Lawn Maintenance Rules

Having a large and wide lawn will be something that you can proud of because your home view will also be made more attractive and beautiful and with the existence of your lawn, your home will be supported to look more awesome, but it will no more like this if your lawn cannot be maintained well. Therefore, basic lawn maintenance rules are really important to be understood and known by you so the beauty of your lawn cannot be faded because the maintenance is done well by you. Perhaps, you do not have any idea to do this task, but do not worry, be happy because there are some tips for you.

The first one of the basic lawn maintenance rules is about the equipment and blower, weed eater, edger, and mower are included in the equipment that should be owned by you but the edger can sometimes be substituted by the weed eater but some time will be taken by you in order to use this equipment correctly. However, you can still use the weed eater rather than using the edger because your money can be saved well. While the blower role is not really vital here as long as you have brooms meaning that do not be wasteful of money as long as you can buy the cheaper equipment.

Keep in mind that your lawn should be mowed regularly as one of the important basic lawn maintenance rules, but it does not mean that you should mow them too often. When the summer is coming, your lawn should be mowed once a week during that season and if you can successfully make your lawn healthy, so you will not need to deal with weed, but that your grass will not be cut too short should also be made sure. Your flowers should also be edged on regular basis so your lawn maintenance will also be improved.

The Information of Basic Lawn Maintenance Rules

Basic Lawn Maintenance Rules Information

After we focus on how to mow your lawn, it is the time for watering your lawn and once again you do not need to water them as often as possible because according to the basic lawn maintenance rules, your lawn should be watered once or few times a week based on the season at that time, like they are watered three times a week during the summer months. However, they should be watered two times a week when the lower temperature happens. When the heavy rain times, the watering activity can be cut down on, but the lawn should be watered more frequently when the drought times.

The List of Basic Lawn Maintenance Rules

Listed Basic Lawn Maintenance Rules

Do not forget that your lawn should also be fertilized as well and they should be fertilized three times in a year when you live in the area with the lower temperatures climate and by doing this, your lawn will be healthier and they will not easily be hit by disease. It is better that your lawn can be fertilized in the early spring and late fall but in hot summer season your grass should not be sprayed. Your grass should also be left for clippings once every few months so the fertilizer should not be used too often.

Get Basic Lawn Maintenance Rules

Know about Basic Lawn Maintenance Rules

Your weed should also remembered to be controlled as the last point of the basic lawn maintenance rules and the soil should also be remembered to be aerated, and also the bald spots that should be got rid of. Are the rules too difficult? Get ready to try them now!

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