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Fireplace In Your Living Room

Every house have a living room, where all the activities and family members can focusing on. This is one of the most important space for the family to gather and socialize with each other. For adding warmer atmosphere, living room designs with fireplace have become an option nowadays. There are various fireplace designs available in the market which can add more warm and charming feeling in the living room. Since living room is the place where all family members are gathering and guests are welcomed, you should design it based on your family`s personality.

Living Room Designs With Fireplace

Fireplace should be the center point of your living room, so you can consider it during the design. If you want to add the fireplace in your existing living room, you can renovate it so it can be compatible. However if you design it from the beginning, the process will not be too hard to do. Consider the size of your living room as well. You certainly do not want most of the space in the living room is occupied by the fireplace. The size of both should be balancing each other.

The type of fireplace will determine the installation process. For example, living room designs with fireplace with wood fuel will require most complex installation. Meanwhile with electric fireplace, it would be much easier to install. You can visit fireplace showrooms to get more ideas, otherwise you can collect the inspirations from interior magazines or websites. You can hire interior designer or professional fireplace technician to get the best recommendation.

Once you have the proper measurements of the fireplace and your living room, you can start deciding the paint colors, furniture arrangement and others. You should be able to make living room designs with fireplace go in one line with the overall theme so it will not look dejected, tacky or out of space.

Types of Fireplaces

There are various fireplace types in the market that can create different atmosphere. The most common is the brick fireplace which creates traditional, old fashioned and warm feeling. There are several earthy colors available, such as bright red to brown colors. You can vary it with the cast iron for wood racks that will add the antique and unique feeling of your living room.

Stone is another traditional fireplace style. The colors also come in lots of colors variety, which enable you to choose the one that suit your personality and overall living room theme. For example, if you want modern and edgy colors, you can choose grey, white and tanned color. The designs are also varied, start from Old World Style with its arched fireplace designs, to the modern and simple rectangular fireplace designs.

If you have modern house and want to have modern fireplace as well, another option is the metallic fireplace. This will create sleek, simple and monochrome details with making your fireplace as the center point. The fireplace can be framed with metal bars in silver or gold color. You can decorate your living room designs with fireplace using other modern furniture such as mirrors or pictures with modern touch.

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