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Hipster Apartment Decor

Must Haves for the Home

Must Haves for the Home

There are some people who have not been familiar with hipster apartment decor style. They do not even know what hipster is. Under this concern, we have already decided that the discussion today is going to talk about hipster style in decorating apartment. Why did we decide to choose hipster as the main topic of today’s discussion? The answer is simple; because hipster style is also one popular style that has been contributing in the world of decorating apartment. This kind of decorating style is quite popular, alongside the popular modern or contemporary style, vintage style and also many other decorating styles.

Hip Apartment Decor

Hip Apartment Decor

Hipster and the Characteristics

What is hipster? Hipster is actually categorized as a contemporary subculture that focuses on urban lifestyle. During the 1940 and 1950, the hipster term was originated and used in jazz circles. Even though it is said that hipster does not have unified definition but it can still be subjectively identified by examining common trait series. Lately, people have determined the characteristics of hipster style are actually the multiethnic look and also urban sense. It also shows off various individual tastes into one place, just like an urban life we often meet out there. Therefore, it is actually not hard to create this kind of decorating style. You just need to mix and match various ethnic stuffs and also vintage decors according to your taste and requirements.

Hipster Home Decorating Ideas

Hipster Home Decorating Ideas

Living Room

The first idea of hipster apartment decor is to create a hipster living room. For a hipster living room, you do not need to go extravagant and luxurious by adding expensive and high end furniture. Stay simple and also compact so you can lift up the hipster mood to your apartment’s living room. Instead of sofas, it will be better if you choose wooden armchairs in your living room. This will make the urban and hipster mood stronger. In addition, a vintage small table will also be a perfect addition to complete your hipster living room. You can also put a compact shelf for storing books or displaying decorations.


Another place you need to decorate after living room is your bedroom. For your bedroom, you do not need to give too much hipster decoration. Just one or two decors will definitely do the magic for you. For example, you can get your own do-it-yourself bedspread or blanket. You can look for fabrics or clothes you no longer use then crochet or sew them together to make a unique blanket. However, you need to be careful in choosing the fabrics and materials, do not use unused clothes and fabrics that already look worn and gaudy because it can make your bedroom look scruffy.

Complementary Decorations

Aside from the previous ideas, you can also add other hipster apartment decor ideas to your living room, bedroom and also kitchen as well. One type of decorations that will never go wrong is artwork. You can shop various unique artworks and decorations in craft stores or thrift shops in your local area or you can also shop them online. You can put metal antique bowls or hang a panting that will certainly strengthen the hipster sense to your apartment.

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