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How To Deal With Kitchen Fire

Fire in the kitchen is very important in order to cook. However, with the risks that may occur from the fire, it is recommended to understand the fire characteristics to prevent dangerous fire. In America itself, almost thirty percent of the fires in housing is because of kitchen fire. Not only properties, but life also lost because of the incidents. Thus, having prepared for the worst scenarios are very useful to control the kitchen fire during cooking.

Understanding Kitchen Fire

There are some information that might be useful. For example, the number of fire from kitchen will increase during the school time. This means that during school time, more people are using the kitchen to cook. Meanwhile during holiday season, such as summer, less fire incidents reported. The time usage of the kitchen is most likely during six to eight in the evening, when people are cooking their dinner. However during night time, less kitchen fire is reported.

The basic knowledge is to make sure that yourself is safe during the cooking time. This include to avoid the long clothes, long sleeves that might catch fire when cooking. Your hair also should be tied properly. Keep turn off all the electrical devices, such as toasters, coffee pots and others. Meanwhile, at the fire place, you should keep away all fabrics, papers and other flammable materials.

Furthermore, you can protect your house with good insurance. Check with the insurance, whether they can offer fire protection insurance, so you will be more relieve with the protection. Meanwhile, to protect in immediate time, you should prepare your own fire extinguisher in a place where you can easily grab it. Installing home water sprinkler also a good idea to make sure that the fire does not spread out widely in the house.

Various Fire Extinguishers To Prevent Kitchen Fire

There are various fire extinguishers that you can use in the kitchen. Start from the simple materials in the kitchen such as papers or plastics, to the elaborate fire extinguisher. In order to eliminate minor fire in the kitchen, you can use cloth, rubber or any dry materials. Otherwise, if the fire shows up from electrical products, it wil need different type of fire extinguishers.

Sometimes, using a basket of water might be not enough to eliminate the fire. It might even does not have any effect. Thus, in order to eliminate the fire in the kitchen, you can use wet cloth to cover the fire source. This action will decrease the number of oxygen among the fire source, so it will off immediately when the oxygen is running out.

The perfect fire extinguisher for kitchen usage is the Class K fire extinguisher, which able to eliminate the kitchen fire caused by cooking oils, fats and similar materials. There are others Classes for fire extinguishers, depend on the chemical ingredients inside it. You have to make sure that you are choosing the right Class of fire extinguisher for your kitchen. Nevertheless, avoiding kitchen fire is only can be done if you know what to do when it happen and how to prevent it in advance.

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