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Installing Kitchen Cabinets : DIY Tips For Saving Money

Arrange the Cabinetry

Installing kitchen cabinets is a part of kitchen renovating project that is probably not an easy task to do. You really need a lot of patience, a deep carefulness and also the right tutorial as well. Typically, this kind of hard task will require at least two or more people to handle since kitchen cabinet is definitely not a small and light in weight object that can be easily handed by two hands only. Therefore, in order to do this job correctly and easily without consuming your time then you will need the help from other family member.

Kitchen cabinet is definitely another great addition that can also pull your kitchen’s look all together. This kitchen furniture can potentially be the centerpiece of your kitchen aside from the kitchen island you may have decorating your kitchen. Whether you place this as the main part of your kitchen remodeling project or simply add this as additional furniture to fill an unused space in your kitchen, kitchen cabinet will immediately improve both functional and aesthetic value of your kitchen.

Attaching the Handle

There very first step of installing kitchen cabinets you need to do is to prepare all the things that will be required for the main job later on. Mostly, in a project for installing a kitchen cabinet you will need several basic tools and materials such as screws, tape measure, pencil, drill, and clamp. The screws will be the main requirement of this kind of job since they will play the main role of securing your kitchen cabinets altogether. The tape measure and also pencil will be very useful for the preparing the space for you to install the kitchen cabinets. The drill will help you make holes to put the screw, meanwhile the clamp will help you secure the neighboring of your kitchen cabinets during the installation process. In addition, you may also need shim and filler strip for the final touch of your kitchen cabinets installation.

Arrange the Cabinetry

After the required materials and tools have already been gathered, then you immediately execute the main job. First of all, take the pencil and tape measure you have collected before and measure the space you want to put the cabinets later on. You can draw the height of your kitchen cabinets on the wall and also the width and length of them on the floor. This way you can calculate whether or not the kitchen cabinets will suit the prepared space. If you have already settled the right location then you should mark them using the pencil.

Preparing the Space

The next thing you need to do after you have settled with the previous step is to prepare the support rail using the screws and also drill. After you make sure that the rail is perfectly attached then you can start installing kitchen cabinets you have prepared using screws and clamps as well. do not forget to also install the base of your kitchen cabinets so they will be more secured. As the final touch, you can use shim and filler strip to fill the base of your cabinets and also between them. This way you will definitely get the best result, for sure.

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