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Soaking Seeds before Planting

Soaking Seeds before Planting Importance

The Importance of Soaking Seeds before Planting

You can place the seeds directly into the soil and sprouted but the fluctuating environmental factors should also be considered because many of seeds can be perished before the germination, so the best success rate when the seeds are planted should be ensured because the seeds should be soaked before planting so you can pre-sprout them. If you have no idea about soaking seeds before planting, then there will be some tips that can be looked at by you here. Are you ready for starting the process of the soaking seeds?

  1. In soaking seeds before planting, a coffee filter or paper towel coming handy can be used because the small seeds are known as the seeds that will be difficult to be pre-soaked because of their sizes. After that, a coffee filter can then be wetted thoroughly and if the paper towel is preferred by you then it can also be wetted and it can be laid flat on a nonporous surface. Now, the seeds are allowed to be sprinkled out gently onto the wet paper and they can be spread out to at least a ½ inch apart and it will be made easier when they are going to be cut apart later.
  2. Another paper towel or coffee filter can then be wetted thoroughly in the next tips in soaking seeds before planting and then it can be placed on top of these seeds before any excess air can gently be pressed out and the towel can be flattened on top of the seeds. Then, the sheets can be folded in half and in half again so small compact piece can be formed. Then they can be placed in a plastic tray and the water can be sprinkled over top to thoroughly the paper is soaked.

    Soaking Seeds before Planting Tips

    The Tips on Soaking Seeds before Planting

  3. Then, they can be kept in a warm place for a few days so they can be sprouted and the paper will not allowed to be dried out. Moreover, when you can see that the seeds are sprouting, the paper can be unfolded and the seeds can be cut apart and the paper can be kept with each seed so the new roots will not be disrupted. After that, they can be planted into the soil.

    Soaking Seeds before Planting Importance

    The Importance of Soaking Seeds before Planting

  4. For soaking seeds before planting especially the medium to large sized seeds, enough containers with a lid can be prepared and the holes can then be poked in the tops of plastic containers so the water can be passed through but it can also be small enough so the seeds can be kept in. Now, the seeds can be placed in the containers and you can score the hard shell seeds first with a emery board, sandpaper or a file so the surface of the shell can be scuffed up so the seed can be penetrated easily by the water.

    Soaking Seeds before Planting Keys

    The Secrets of Soaking Seeds before Planting

  5. The seeds can then be covered with water and the top or screen can also be secured before they can be stored in a warm place and it should also be left overnight or at least twelve hours. After they can saturate with water, all the remained water can then be drained off and left for eight hours without water before more water can be poured in the container and this process can then be repeated daily. In soaking seeds before planting, you can plant the seeds after they sprout.

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