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Organic Garden Pesticides

Effective Organic Garden Pesticides

The Effectiveness of Organic Garden Pesticides

Insects are the most annoying creatures that can cause some damages to your plants and they will definitely harm your garden, so the best solution that can be taken by you is the organic garden pesticides use because how the pests can effectively be controlled by you at home may be wondered by you, right? If you are worried about the pesticides that can also harm your plants, it means that you already know that the harmful synthetic pesticides should not be used by you because you can use the organic ones in the home garden. Well, whatever the organic pesticides that have been chosen by you, making sure that they are safe to be used should be the most important thing.

The first one of the recommended organic garden pesticides is tobacco and you can use tobacco in two forms so a host of pests can be killed and if the main problem in your garden is the fungus gnats, root lice, centipedes, symphylids, and other underground pests, then you can mix the tobacco with water so it will be more effective. Moreover, you can dust snuff tobacco on the surface of plants so that the flies and worms can be killed. However, if you use the tobacco for your eggplants, peppers or tomatoes, you will infect this with a disease that you may know as tobacco virus.

If you have decided that tobacco can be the right solution as one of the organic garden pesticides for handling the pests in your garden, you should be careful with the tobacco itself because the nicotine sulfate which is also a commercially-prepared pesticide is sourced by tobacco so it will harm humans and animals when your skin absorbs this. However, the plants of spider mites, thrips, and aphids can be ridded best by the tobacco. Moreover, if your garden is filled with roses, tobacco is not recommended to be used because your roses can get damaged.

Use Organic Garden Pesticides

The Use of Organic Garden Pesticides

The other one of the best organic garden pesticides is detergent and it is really well-known because of its easiness in use and the liquid dishwashing detergent can just be sprayed on your plants. Your plants of aphids, spider mites, and white flies can be deterred effectively by this treatment and if the pests are found in your plants of peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, celery or carrots, then do not hesitate to use the detergent garden pesticides. All you need here is the water, vegetable oil and detergent can be mixed so you can make the most basic formula.

Tobacco as one of the Organic Garden Pesticides

The Functions of Organic Garden Pesticides

The next one of the popular organic pesticides for your garden is spearmint spray and you can just mix the spearmint with green onions, water and hot pepper and it becomes an excellent defense against a host of chewing insects. You can dip small plants whole into the solution whereas you can spray the larger plants with the strained liquid. With the easiness and simplicity in making process, you can do on yourself at home.

Effective Organic Garden Pesticides

The Effectiveness of Organic Garden Pesticides

The other ideas of the organic garden pesticides are the hot pepper, petroleum oil sprays, sulfurs, Pyrethin, Sabadilla, and Neem and they can be tried easily by you at home as well. So, maintaining your garden can be eased from now on. Get ready for making the recipe of garden pesticides now then.

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