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How To Refinish Your Old Bathtub

In order to keep your bathroom clean, you should clean all the furniture inside it regularly. Especially if you have bathtub and often use it. However, due to time, your bathtub might look rusty, dirty and old. You can hire professional services to refinish your old bathtub so it can look nice and fresh again. But if you want to do it by yourself, you may want to consider the bathtub refinishing review to find out what kind of refinishing that suitable with your bathtub.

How To Do Bathtub Refinishing

First thing to do is to clean all the surface of the bathtub with cleaner liquids which have chemical ingredients in it. You can start removing any rusts and caulks on the bathtub and do any repairs of needed. Once you are done, you can start sanding the surfaces to get rid of all old coverings and films. Let it dry completely for approximately one day.

When the bathtub is dried completely, start covering the drain area with plastic or paper. Maintain the bathroom to stay air circulated and wear a mask when you are applying the refinish chemical. Spray the refinish materials on the bathtub surface and keep them dry for approximately ten minutes before you start all over again for the next layer. Once you finish the layers, you can let the bathtub to rest at least a day before you test it with water. Bathtub refinishing review shows that with different chemical liquid to cover the bathtub will has different effect and maintenance.

Important Materials For Bathtub Refinishing

In order to maintain your safety during the process, the bathtub refinishing review shows the importance to know the materials you are going to use. Since some of the materials are chemical, you should be warn in advance about its danger if you are not using it properly. First material to clean up all the dusts, spots and greases on the bathtub surface is the sandpaper and cleaners. These materials are easy to get in the market and very common to clean the bathtub.

Before handling the next chemical materials to refinish the bathtub, you should use protective equipments such as rubber gloves, goggles and respirator device. Meanwhile, for the surrounding of the bathtub, you can cover them with the plastic and tapes. As for the painting products, you can use the sprayer to make the paint equally layered the bathtub and gives sparkling result. Otherwise, you can also use brushes or rollers, however the paint might not be even in some places.

In order to make sure that the bathtub surface is well painted, you can use more than one layer. For the topcoat itself, you can use at least four or six layers that will definitely make sure that the paint does stick well on the bathtub. Since the topcoat is usually contain polyurethane, this will make your bathtub looks sparkling and shining like the new bathtub. Thus, bathtub refinishing review is very important to know before you refinish your bathtub to get better look.

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