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Unusual Garden Ideas

Simple Unusual Garden Ideas

Secret Unusual Garden Ideas

Vegetable garden, roses garden or even herbs garden are already included in the common and usual garden that can be made by many gardeners and homeowners and if you want to start to have and create your own garden, the unusual garden is recommended to you here so your garden can be different from the other garden and you will also be proud of your own garden. If you do not know what to do about the unusual garden, the unusual garden ideas are shared here for you so you can choose one of the gardens that can suit your preference and your home style and theme. It will also be better if the unusual garden that can easily be maintained is chosen to be created by you.

The first one of the unusual garden ideas that can be chosen by you is the sculpture garden and your backyard can simply be turned into an art gallery if a sculpture garden is created by you and your flowers, bushes and trees can be amidst. Also, the store-bought or homemade sculptures can be placed there as well. The insect statues are also recommended to be made by The Artistic Garden through bending copper wire or a human sculpture made out of clay pots and the items around your house can even be reused so the works of art can be created.

The next one of the unusual garden ideas that is recommended to you here is the sensory garden that the elements that can be appealing to all five senses are offered by this garden and it will also be good for your children ad the therapeutic activity can also be allowed for those with physical or mental disabilities. Do not worry because everyone can enjoy your garden, but the flowers and plants of a range of colors, sizes and shapes can be incorporated first. Moon flowers, pine branches, lavender, and marigolds are included in the fragrant plants that can be used by you.

Unusual Garden Ideas and Tips

Sculpture Unusual Garden Ideas

Moreover, the wind chimes, bird feeders can also be incorporated by you so the birds and their songs or a mini waterfall can be attracted for the sense of sound that wants to be created by you. The sounds will be made by some plants when they are blown through by the wind and the seed pods of the money plant, bamboo, and tall grasses are included in these plants that can be planted by you. While the soft leaves of African violets, and the rubbery feel of hen and chick plants can be incorporated for getting the sense of touch.

Best Unusual Garden Ideas

Sensory Unusual Garden Ideas

The last one of the unusual garden ideas that can be tried by you to be made is the secret garden where you will be provided with privacy and a sense of mystery by this kind of garden. The entryway can be served by the a partial or full fence with a wrought iron or wooden gate to your floral retreat. Moreover, the trellises with climbing plants, like creeping violets and ivies can be incorporated by you.

Simple Unusual Garden Ideas

Secret Unusual Garden Ideas

The flowers are also allowed to be planted in the secret garden if you want. Coneflowers, asters, and milkweed are included in the flowers that can be planted by you here. So, any one of the unusual garden ideas mentioned before can make you interested in?

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