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Choosing Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

When we are talking about tools for cleaning hardwood floors, vacuum cleaners are probably not the best idea. Mostly vacuum cleaners in the market are equipped with abrasive brush so it really does not suit for this hard task. The surface of hardwood floors can be easily scratched than any other materials’ surface. Therefore, cleaning it can be another story we should particularly discuss. Although vacuum cleaners are said to be a fault tool to be used in cleaning hardwood floors, but it does not mean that it is totally incapable to do this job. In fact, there are several manufacturers that have already manufactured various products of vacuum for hardwood floors. What are they? Let’s check them out one by one.

The first suggestion of vacuum cleaners that will be perfect for cleaning hardwood floors will be the SEBO C2.1. This canister vacuum machine is specially designed for multi purposes tasks, therefore, once you purchased this product you will get various attachable nozzle and additional tools as well. Not only this product is equipped with special nozzle to reach unreachable places, but it is also said that this product is specially designed for cleaning hardwood floors. Another amazing feature of this product is the automatic power that enables it to automatically shut itself in case of overheats so it will be safe to use. With adjustable section and ergonomist handle, you can definitely experience a great time cleaning your hardwood floor.

Another suggestion of vacuum for hardwood floors you can take for further consideration is the Sanitaire SC5845. This is one of several products that have been suggested by Vacuum Wizard. Similar to the previous product, this Sanitaire vacuum cleaner is also specially designed for multi purposes and hard surfaces cleaning. Hence, it will also be perfect to do the job of cleaning hardwood floors. Specially equipped with HEPA filter, this product has high sensitivity toward microscopic allergen and dust so it can give you cleaner result. In addition, this product is also noise-free so you do not have to make a noise chaos while you are vacuuming your house. The model of this Sanitaire is also said to be more durable than any other models in the market so you can put your trust on this Sanitaire SC5845.

There are other two suggestions of vacuum for hardwood floors you can also take for further consideration; Bissell and Hoover. Bissell is specially designed for cleaning hard surfaced floors so it will be a perfect choice for cleaning hardwood floors. This product is equipped with a dust container so you can simply empty the container, clean it then it is ready for another task. Similar to Bissell, the Hoover S2220 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is also bagless. The dust container is transparent so you can easily see if the container is full and ready to be emptied. Equipped with a motor with smaller power, this vacuum cleaner will be perfect for small tasks and daily cleaning jobs. The compact and lightweight model will definitely make you do the job more easily and fun.

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