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Weirdest Buildings Architecture

Weirdest Buildings Architecture List

The List of Weirdest Buildings Architecture

Art does not only come in painting, photography, music, or sculpture recently, but also the architecture and the genius and creative people out really have passion in building a building which are different from the conventional buildings in the world because they built and created the strange architecture for these buildings. What are the weirdest buildings architecture that they built and even today they become the people’s center of attention? There will be some strange buildings that are going to be informed or shared here for you and these information may be your inspiration in creating the unique architectures or even they can only be enjoyed by you for having fun; whatever the purposes you read this article, you can just stay and check them out.

The first one of the weirdest buildings architecture in the world is the Crooked House in Poland which has been really popular because your eyes should need to be scratched a bit when this gorgeous architectural marvel is seen by you. This building was started to be built in January 2003 and it was finished in December 2003 meaning that the construction only needed more or less a year to be finished by the great and genius people behind this buildings. It seems that the pictures and paintings created by Per Dahlberg and Jan Marcin Szancer succeeded in inspiring the architects to build this awesome building.

The second one of the weirdest buildings architecture in the world is the Hundertwasser Building in Austria which has recently become a well-known building and many people also come to see this building in Darmstadt, Germany and this building is more popular with the name “Forest Spiral” and the construction was between 1998 and 2000. Freidensreich Hundertwasser is the genius and creative person behind this unique building and the irregular organic forms were really incorporated by the colorful architectural designs designed by him as the famous Austrian architect and painter. Moreover, a landscaped courtyard with a running stream is wrapped around by 105 apartments’ structure and a cocktail bar and a restaurant are also included in this building.

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The next one of the weirdest buildings architecture in the world is Kansas City Public Library which was built in Missouri, United States and one of the pioneer projects behind the revitalization of downtown is also represented by this project. Kansas City must also be represented by some highly influential books and the books should be picked by some people of Kansas City to be designed and made as the building architecture itself. Moreover, the downtown Central Library is hopefully able to be utilized by people who are inspired by them.

Weirdest Buildings Architecture List

The List of Weirdest Buildings Architecture

The other one which is also well-known is The Basket Building which is located in Ohio, United States and according to some people’s stories, Dave Longaberger were persuaded by many experts so his plans could be altered, but an exact replica of the real company’s famous market basket still wanted to be created by him. Two years were the time needed so this building can be accomplished and it was about $30 million was cost in finishing this building. Is it too weird or even great?

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The Best Weirdest Buildings Architecture

There are still many weirdest buildings architecture in the world that can be looked for by you by accessing your internet. You know, art can come in many shapes including the great, unique and uncommon architecture. However, these buildings will not lessen the function of the buildings itself.

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