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Cheap Window Treatment Ideas

Window is one of the important element in a house that makes it comfortable. Besides as natural lighting, the window also can become artistic area with the ideas of window treatments. With the right window treatments, you can have comfortable and welcoming home. You can find various window treatments ideas from interior magazines or websites.

Cheap Ideas For Window Treatments

There are lots of ideas in the market, start fom classic and elegant styles to the eccentric and unique styles. Colors also vary, depends on your references and preferred theme. The prices are also vary, from cheap to the unlimited budget. If you feel creative enough, you can have your own ideas for window treatments with cheap budgets.

One of the idea is using sheets. They come in various colors and type of fabrics, meanwhile the designs can be determined based on your requirements. You can have long and drapperies design that will look majestical in your home. To put them on the window, you can use the clips with ring on each ends.

As the fabrics come in different types, you can mix and match it with the room theme. For example, for master bedroom, you may want to use pastel colored silk sheets to make the room look elegant and classic. Meanwhile for children bedroom, you can use colorful cotton sheets that will brighten the room. Furthermore, you can use sewing machine to mix and match the fabrics with each other.

Another ideas for window treatments are tablecloth and patched blanket. The tablecloth may have nice patterns or images, so you can decorate your window with it. Otherwise, patched blanket that have unique patterns or family history can be the center of attention in your house as well. There are lots of tablecloths that are on sale during holiday seasons, thus you can purchase some of the tablecloths and with few modifications, you can have nice window treatments and does not look like tablecloth or patched blanket anymore.

The temporary pleated shade is another affordable alternative that can frame your window with stick tapes. The pleated shade can be recycled and easy to remove after the usage. However it is not a long term alternative as it will eventually dropped, especially if you often use it up and down to open the windows. If you want to make it permanent, you should find stronger pleated shades that can be glued to the window frames.

Using online auctions such as eBay, FreeCycle and others may be lucky for you as they sometimes auctioning ideas for window treatments that are second handed. This will be mostly useful if you have standarized window measurements and shapes. Not only you will be able to get them in cheap prices, but in some conditions, you can also have the window treatments for free.

With cheap ideas for window treatments, you will be able to save your money and use it for something else. The advantage for having cheap window treatments is that you can be quite creative to use the remaining materials. Meanwhile if you are bored, you can easily change it with other ideas for window treatments.

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