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Best Flooring for Basement



Finding the best flooring for basement is probably not as simple and easy as it may seem. Since basement is not a simple room that can be easily decorated, therefore, you will need a lot of reference so you can make a great basement in your house. Indeed, basement is often seen as a room that will give an additional space without actually adding another space on your land. In simpler words, this is the most cost effective option in case you want to add a room for placing some furniture without building another room. You can do magic in your basement, give it a face lift using suitable decoration, then you will definitely get your additional room.

Basement is known as a room that has a pretty high moisture level, therefore, you need the best flooring type that will suit this kind of air condition. Although the moisture level is not as high as bathroom’s moisture level but the floor of basement will be the main source that create the moisture air condition. Therefore, you need to get the right flooring type so you can prevent the moist to enter the room. In addition, the right material for basement floor that can endure this kind of air condition will definitely extend the beauty of your basement.

34-stone floor


There are several types of the best flooring for basement you can surely use. You can use sealed concrete or cement, stone, hardwood floor, tile, epoxy and also carpet. All of these materials have their own special features so you need to choose a perfect type that can suit the air condition of your basement and your taste, of course.




Other options of the best flooring for basement you can also choose are epoxy and stone. Epoxy is claimed as one of flooring types that has high durability. It is also stain and scratch resistant so you can use your basement freely without being afraid of scratching your floor. Meanwhile, stone is also the most durable flooring type you can find out there. The long lasting durability will definitely be a perfect choice for your basement.



Aside from the previously mentioned suggestions of the best flooring for basement, you can also opt for other flooring types such as tiles, hardwood and carpet. If you want to make a basement that can be a gathering room then you can opt for this kind of flooring type since they have higher decorative value. However, they are said to have lower durability level than the previously mentioned flooring types so you better consider this carefully before really deciding.

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