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What Is A Breeze House

The Style of Breeze House

Stylish Breeze House

Prefab house is one of the house types which is highly demanded by many people these days. It is because of its easiness and quickness of assembly process, the cheaper cost, and the location where the house wants to be built can also be decided by the homeowner as long as the permission has already been obtained. Also, the breeze house is one of the prefab houses that can be considered by you.

Breeze house is the latest eco-prefab house which is designed by Michelle Kaufman and the Sunset Magazine has unveiled this house to the public on a weekend at the time. Moreover, the collaboration between Sunset Magazine and the Bay Area architect that the headlines were made last year with her Glidehouse has also been revealed and it is known as Sunset Breezehouse. Perhaps, you are not familiar yet with this type of house, but actually it is still included in the modern prefabricated house that can be considered by you to be built

Sunset headquarters in Menlo Park, California was become a place where the people can see the Breezehouse on May 21 and 22, 2005 and it was regarded as part of Sunset’s annual Celebration Weekend lifestyle-and-product festival and it meant that more than 24,000 visitors over two days could also be helped to be drawn by the time when the debut of Kaufmann’s Glidehouse was started and revealed. The modular home is also included and the 1,750-square-foot home is considered as one of the modular houses with the environmentally sustainable two bedrooms and two bath dwelling which are offered by them. Also, the center of the house here is the breeze house which is considered as the signature feature.

Design Breeze House

The Designs of Breeze House

This glass-enclosed space will then be placed under a butterfly-shaped roof which air will be allowed to be passed and circulated through the entire house and this breeze house will also be able to be opened for easy indoor-outdoor living by the indoor gardens and movable glass walls. Moreover, the house of your dreams will be helped to be created when the right kits are able to be found by you especially when the elegance of a colonial style or even a ranch of style can be enjoyed by you. Breezehouse is only one of many prefab houses that can be considered by you.

Popular Breeze House

The Popularity of Breeze House

Aside from breezehouse in the Sunset Magazine, if the colonial style wants to be chosen by you then the two floors will be offered to you by this home type and even the families of varying sizes can be accommodated by the large size of this home. The number of bedrooms that you have can be chosen because the size of the home you dream of can also even be chosen by you. For you who have a big family, the home can be preferred because it is perfect for your family and even the smaller family will also be allowed to choose this home type.

The Style of Breeze House

Stylish Breeze House

Ranch style prefab can also be preferred by you if you want a new house with a smaller size because only one floor that will be offered to you but the various sizes can still be chosen by you. Even the extra space that will not be needed by you will not also be offered by this home type because of your need. You know, prefabricated houses come in various types and it is one of your advantages that should not be missed by you, and breeze house is included in the best prefab house that can be chosen by you.

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