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Cilantro Medicinal Uses

Cilantro Medicinal Uses Information

The Information of Cilantro Medicinal Uses

Are you familiar with the herb named Cilantro or some people also know it or call it as Coriander which can help you in medicinal uses? Many people have used this herb for about 3,000 years especially in funerals, cooking, spiritual rituals and also medicine and these people usually use the Cilantro for many ethnic dishes in the Middle Eastern, Hispanic and Oriental cuisines. Moreover, a spicy zing will usually be brought by Cilantro to the food like fish, lentils, and many types of vegetables and the Coriander seed will also be applied by the Ayurvedic practitioners as carminatives and stimulants in medicine, so do you want to know more about the Cilantro medicinal uses?

The first one of the Cilantro medicinal uses is the Cilantro tea for indigestion and colic and here you can just prepare your teapot and after that your teapot can be filled with water and the water can be brought to be boiled. Then, the crushed coriander leaves and seeds can be steeped in hot water and this can then be left to allow to be cooled to desired temperature before a glass of Cilantro tea can be drunk so the indigestion can be eased. Also, the Cilantro tea can be made a bit weaker and your children can even be given with this tea so the ease of colic can also be felt by them.

Have you experienced the arthritis pain? One of Cilantro medicinal uses that can be made to handle this kind of illness is the Poultice and all you need here is that the desired amount of dried cilantro can be crushed in mortar and pestle until a thin powder is resulted. Water can then be added in small increments until you can form a thick paste and a clean cloth with the bigger size usually of linen, breathable cotton, gauze, and linen can be laid out so the area can be covered well. Next, the desired area can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol before the cloth can be placed in desired area and the clean cloth can be allowed to be wrapped around poultice and fastened to keep secure.

Cilantro Medicinal Uses Information

The Information of Cilantro Medicinal Uses

One of Cilantro medicinal uses is that it can be made so that the infections can be prevented well and for the first step, some dried cilantro can be taken and it can also be crushed so the use of cilantro’s anti-viral and anti-fungal properties on open wounds can be made. After that, the crushed cilantro will be allowed to be sprinkled on the open wound. The wound can firstly be washed around with soap and water before it can be dried and bandaged.

Cilantro Medicinal Uses Ideas

The Ideas of Cilantro Medicinal Uses

The cilantro seeds are usually chewed on by some people so the indigestion can be eased. Moreover, for the poultice, a heating pack can be used so your poultice can be kept warm when it will be used by you. That you always cleanse your wounds with water and soap should also be made sure and when the cilantro is sprinkled on a wound, that the wounds are clear of the leaf debris before it can be bandaged should also be made sure.

Tea of Cilantro Medicinal Uses

The Functions of Cilantro Medicinal Uses

So, there are some information and tips of Cilantro medicinal uses for you. They will easily be practiced at your home and your wounds or pain can be handled immediately. Do you want to try them?

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