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How to Get Best Discount Window Treatments

A window treatment is very important for a house. This works not only to cover the window, but also as decorative aspect in the room. Some window treatments are quite expensive, depends on their designs and fabric materials. However, having discount window treatment also possible, especially if you want to make it simple and personalized with your personality. There are lots of affordable window treatments in the market, depends on your budget and styles.

Discount Window Treatment Variety

Instead of using fabrics or wooden window treatment, you can consider to use vinyl blinds, which have less cost that the others. You only need to spend approximately up to twenty dollars, depends on the window`s size. It might be lack of decorative and expensive look, but they are quite neutral in the room. Means, it will not be the focal point of the room. Therefore, you can make the room`s focal point to somewhere else, for example the couches, beds, paintings and others.

If you have more time to shop around, you may get lucky with finding discounted fabrics. There are some fabric showrooms that have some offer and best deals for their fabric collection. Thus, you can save more money to get discount window treatment with this way. You can simply sew them to become window treatment, both with sewing machine or handmade. Sew the top part for few inches to make the pocket and set it up on your window frame. With some creativity, you can add accessories or other fabrics to compliment the window treatment.

The thrift store is another place to find discount window treatment. They often sell great window treatments with various designs and materials with affordable pricing. However, if you do not have the one that you like, you can search for bedsheets, tablecloths and other materials that might be doable to become your window treatments.

Another idea to get window treatment is the patchwork window treatment. You can mix and match various kind of fabrics to create a patchwork art and make it as your window treatment. This would make your room more personalized and certainly the patchwork window treatment may become the focal point of your room. You can varied it with square shapes, both small and big, or even random patterns. Combine it with quilting and you can get unique patchwork window treatment.

Elegant Yet Affordable Window Treatment

If you want to use fabrics as the main materials for your window treatment, you can find several materials that can look amazing as window treatment in your house. First is the cheesecloth fabric, which look soft, diffused the lighting and simple. This kind of fabric will be a good window treatment with its drapping all the way to the window. Another type of fabric is the drop cloth made from canvas. This type of fabric will create the look of old fashioned, antique and unique, especially if you add buttons, pins or hand hooked rugs as the accessories.

Traditional silk saris from India also can become a nice window treatment. You just need to add the hanger on the window and just let it drape on the window. Since saris have strong and bold colors, bead accessories and others, you do not have to worry about the overall look. You can find this discount window treatment from Little India area in your local city.

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