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Ideas For Bedroom Paintings

In order to make your bedroom feel cozy, you can paint the walls with the colors that suit your personality the best. There are lots of colors that you can choose and each color has different vibes. The bedroom function itself should be clear from the beginning, is it for master bedroom or kids bedroom. All of these facts are important to determine the right painting ideas for bedroom.

Type Of Bedrooms

It is very important to determine the bedroom purposes to choose the right colors. First bedroom is the master bedroom. Usually, master bedroom will have romantic and sensual vibes. You can use earth colors such as brown, gold and others to make it look warm and cozy. Meanwhile, if you want to be more creative, you can paint one side of the wall with different color, which can be the focal point of the master bedroom.

As for the guest room, you surely want to make the bedroom has welcoming and comfort vibes. Peacefulness also required making the guests feel belonged there. Use soft blue or white frames to create the natural and neutral vibes. You can also show the beauty of your hometown with using colors that represent the place, for example, vintage, modern colors or antique furniture to deepen the feeling.

The children bedroom has different color palettes, usually bright and colorful theme. You can use different bright colors to make it fun and twisted for your children. Not only painting the walls, you can also make the decorative figures on the walls as well. For example, clouds, favorite figures from animation or children books, numbers and letters. With being creative with the wall paintings, your children bedroom can look fun, educative and comfortable at the same time.

How To Find The Right Painting Ideas For Bedroom?

First thing to do to decide the right paint colors for your bedroom is to discuss it with your family members, especially the one that stay at the same bedroom with you. Finding the right bedroom theme will help you a lot to choose the paint colors. Meanwhile, if you are not sure what colors should be use, you can hire the interior designs who can be a lot of help to get the painting ideas for bedroom.

You can find the inspiration from interior magazines or websites. There are lots of inspirations as well from the interior showrooms. If you happen to find the bedroom paint colors that you like, you can take pictures of it and keep it as references. Meanwhile, before purchasing lots of paint buckets, you may want to buy the samples and paint it over the bedroom. With overlooking it day and night, you can understand the feeling that will be produce from the colors.

In order to make it more enhanced, you can use the same theme for bedroom furniture. For example, if you have classical theme, you can use antique furniture to decorate your bedroom. Meanwhile if you have minimalist theme, use the modern furniture, so the painting ideas for bedroom can really shown clearly.

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