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How To Paint Your Old Bathtub

Having a bathtub in your house is a convenience way to enjoy your time to relax. Imagine that you are inside the bathtub with warm water, aromatic essence, candles, nice wine and instrumental musics. You will feel much relax and peaceful once you are done with your bath time. However, within years, your bathtub may look old, dirty and dingy. You can hire technician to repaint it over or replace it with the new bathtub. But instead of spending your money for technician or new bathtub, you can repaint your bathtub by yourself as the step by step of how to paint a bathtub is very simple.

How To Paint A Bathtub

First thing to do is clean your bathtub with chemical cleaner. You should use mask to avoid the chemical cleaner reek goes into your lung as it would be dangerous. Another alternative is to use either alcohol or acetone to clean the bathtub. Once you are done with the cleaning, you can rinse it with water and let the bathtub dry properly.

Use the sand paper to scrub the entire bathtub`s surface. You should do the job properly as the paint may not strongly attached if there are still remaining old paint. The hand sander also can be used to clean the old paint, with scrubbing the surface back and forth several times. When you are done, do not forget to rinse it again so all the dusts from scrubbing will be gone. Again, let the bathtub dried in few times.

Next step on how to paint a bathtub is to cover the areas that you do not want to paint. You can use paper taping to cover those areas. Usually, the areas will include wash bacin, hot and cold buttons and also the floors near the bathtub. Keep in mind that you should cover those areas as you do not want to clean the mess after you finish painting your bathtub.

For porcelain and tile bathtub, you should give the bonding liquid first before start painting it. It will help you to make sure that the paint is attached strong enough to the surface. You can use either paper towel or sprayer to cover the overal surface with bonding liquid. This process will takes approximately five minutes to dry completely. While waiting, you can set up your paint and brush or sprayer to start working afterward.

There are two choices to start the how to paint a bathtub guidance, which are using paintbrush or sprayer. If you prefer to use paintbrush, choose the five centimeters brush, which can apply the paint thinly and evenly. Keep in mind that you should apply the paint from the bottom of bathtub and go along the sides. As for bathtub rim, you can paint it as the last part. Let it dry for a night and apply the second coating after it dried completely. When you finish with the coating, it will dry for another two days.

As for sprayer, you can apply two to three times on the surface. For each layer, you should make sure that it dried before you apply the next layer. With using the sprayer, you can have smooth and clean look. Once they dried within a day, fill in the bathtub with cold water and let it dried again for a day. Thus, the guidance of how to paint a bathtub is very simple and can be done by anyone.

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