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Symptoms Of A Bad Water Pump

Symptoms Of A Bad Water Pump

Symptoms Of A Bad Water Pump: Know When Your Water Pump Is Damaged

Symptoms Of A Bad Water PumpWater pump holds important role in the car’s cooling system. It is important for you to keep the water pump to perform properly. Problems might occur in your car’s water pump. However, car owners might not notice those problems easily. Here are some symptoms of a bad water pump which might occur at your car.

The first sign of symptoms of a bad water pump is temperature. If the water pump in your car does not operate properly, there will be temperature increase in the engine. You can observe this symptom on temperature gauge which is located inside your vehicle. You need to know the location of the gauge so you can notice if the is any increase in the normal temperature reading. There are some types of the vehicles which give the notification of higher than normal temperature reading. The car owners just need to activate the check engine light. Most auto parts stores offer the ability to attach the meter to your car. It will retrieve the trouble code allowing you to replace the part.

Another sign of symptoms of a bad water pump is leaking. If your water pump is failing, it will get hot before blowing the seal and starting to leak. When you are adding water to your radiator or radiator overflow canister on the continual basis, the water will leak. In checking whether it is the water pump, you can put the piece of cardboard under the water pump at night. See whether there is any wet from water leaking and coolant or not in the next morning. As another option, you can also check the bottom side to check for any leak. Do it when the engine is in cool condition.

Symptoms Of A Bad Water PumpNoise is also a part of symptoms of a bad water pump. The water pump is operated with the drive belt or timing belt. If it is loose from wear, it can lead the pump to operate in inefficient way. Make sure the belt is tight. You need to be able to observe minimal slack in it when you are pushing it with your fingers. The squealing noise occurs when the belt is slipping. You will need to replace the slipping belt. When you notice rattling or growling noise, it may be caused by the impeller or the bearings which have failed in your water pump. As the result, you might experience ineffective or non coolant to be pumped into your engine.

If your vehicle experiences overheating, there is a possibility that your water pump faces the problem. Overheating is considered as the most common symptoms of a bad water pump. Your vehicles might produce the steam from the engine when you are driving down the road or sitting at the stoplight. When your vehicle produces pools of liquid in the parking spot or garage, it may mean that the water pump seals are leaking. You should replace it as soon as possible.

Symptoms Of A Bad Water PumpOther symptoms of a bad water pump are including air conditioning. If there is no cool air coming out of the dashboard vents, it might be caused by failing water pump. The damaged water pump can cause the air conditioning is no longer working properly.

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