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How to Install a Shower Pan

Installing a shower pan is definitely an important part you should do when you are renovating your bathroom. Shower pan is a part of your shower utensils that will play the role of water collector. This part of shower utensils will be in constant contact with water since it is meant to collect water from your shower, therefore, keeping it in a good shape is definitely something you need to pay attention to. Once you see that your shower pan is already worn out then it means you need to replace it with a new one. This way you can also increase your shower’s life as well. This will be the time when you need some tips and tutorial on how to install a shower pan.

Shower pan s indeed very crucial to the life of your shower. It can extend your showers life since it is very useful in preventing damage to your bathroom walls from constant contact with water. If you have a strong and sturdy shower pan, the water from your shower can be collected perfectly so it will not damage your surrounding bathroom walls. Under this concern, replacing the old shower pan right away will be the best decision for a long lasting beautiful and healthy bathroom shower.

The installation process of a shower pan is actually not as complicated as you may see. Although you can get lost if you have no clue and tips on how to install a shower pan, but of course with the right step by step tutorial you will definitely be able to install it by yourself. Indeed, you may use the service from a contractor to help you install the shower pan for your bathroom. However, calling a contractor to your house just for this single job will definitely be waste of money, right? Why don’t you trust yourself and try to install the shower pan by yourself? Here, you will be given several tips and also tutorial of shower pan installation so you will not get lost in the process.

The very first thing you need to do is, of course, find a new replacement for the old shower pan in your local hardware store. Remember to find the right match of shower pan with your current shower stall. Pre-molded shower pan is highly recommended since the installation process will be much easier for you later on. But still, you also need to shop according to your budget since you need to also purchase mortar mix as well.

After you have sure you have purchased all items you will require for the installation process, the next thing you need to do is to make a light slope by spreading some mortar mix on the floors for the shower pan to attach later on. Wait for a moment until the mortar slope is completely dry then you can put a membrane liner before placing the shower pan as it is usually instructed in the instruction pamphlets you get once you purchased a shower pan. Afterwards, you can spread another thin layer of mortar mix then put the shower pan on top of it. Lastly, you can screw the shower pan’s drain cover and all the job on how to install a shower pan is done.

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