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Corner Showers For Small Bathrooms

Corner Showers For Small Bathrooms

Maximize Your Bathroom Space With Corner Showers For Small Bathrooms

Corner Showers For Small BathroomsFor the people who have small bathroom, they are recommended to maximize the usage of their bathroom space. A spot which actually can be maximized but often left unused is bathroom’s corner. Many experts recommend you to maximize the usage of bathroom’s corner if you have limited space in your bathroom. One way to maximize your bathroom’s corner is by using corner showers. For the people who need to save space, corner showers for small bathrooms can be the best option.

Corner showers are available in some size options. Small corner showers are highly recommended for extra small bathrooms in homes especially very limited bathroom space. The smallest size of those corner showers for small bathrooms is 3 feet square. You might find some units which are 32 inches square. This corner stall provides enough room to turn around the shower. However it is not much more. By using this corner shower stall, you will be able to save space but it may not give the best user experience.

For the people who have more spaces in your home, you might want to consider mid-sized corner showers. The unit is available ranging from 36 to 42 inches square. There will be extra room to shower in these stalls. However, these corner showers for small bathrooms still limit the space usage in the room. This option is also good for the people who have a tub in the room. You can also find larger shower stall which ranges up to 72 inches square. However, it is not suitable option for small bathroom area.

Corner Showers For Small BathroomsIf your main priority is saving space, you need to find the corner showers for small bathrooms which are designed for space saving. You are recommended to get corner stalls which provide neo-angle or diagonal corner where the users enter the shower. This stall only takes up less square footage. The corner of the shower will not extend into the middle of the room. You can place this shower corner stall to fit on the wall opposite the toilet or bathroom cabinets and sink. The shower stall will not intrude the space which is necessary for those appliances’ usage.

In finding the best corner showers for small bathrooms, you should consider getting the corner stall which is using glass doors. The glass material offers the transparent look which can make your bathroom look wider. It is important for you to avoid the bathroom stall with curtain or solid shower doors. These will give closed look to your bathroom and make it even smaller.

Corner Showers For Small BathroomsCorner showers for small bathrooms are available with many different features. These features are including aromatherapy, acupuncture, FM radio, CD/MP3 player, and much more. Many companies offer those features to provide luxurious shower experience. Those shower stalls come with decorative panels which have all fixtures attached. Even though it is small, but you should not underestimate the experience offered. Those shower stalls might offer you more than you have expected. In choosing the best corner showers for small bathrooms, you should get the best fixtures and shower stall brands.

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