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Dark hardwood floors have always been a great decision to complete your home decorating project. Homey atmosphere and timeless look of natural ambiance can definitely decorate your house once you apply this kind of flooring type to your house. Actually, hardwood floors come in a great variety of colors and plank sizes so you can choose the best type that can meet your desired hardwood floors. Although there are infinite types of hardwood floors out there you can purchase, but most of the customers have opted for dark hardwood floors more than any other colors of hardwood floors. The dark color of hardwood floors are said to have more luxurious appeal for the house so there are a lot of people who picked this color more than any colors.

Actually, what is so special about hardwood floors that make it so popular amongst any other flooring types? In fact, if you have not known yet, there are a lot of amazing features offered by hardwood floors. The attractive and homey atmosphere is absolutely the main attraction of this flooring type. In addition, it is also popular for its high durability that can definitely last for a lifetime. Hardwood floor is also said to have sound insulation as well so it will be a great addition to the previous features. However, the maintenance of this kind of floor is rather difficult since it can be harmed from constant contact with sunlight and water. Therefore, you will need to be extra careful and follow the right maintenance and cleaning steps to preserve the quality of your hardwood floors.

The first suggestion of dark hardwood floors will come to oak wood. Oak is definitely known as one of the best and the most durable hardwood floors you can find out there. It is naturally durable so you can put yourself at ease. Although the most popular oak wood floor is usually golden in color but it does not mean you cannot get dark colored hardwood floors. There is a wide variety of oak hardwood floors start from red tone to tan brown colors. The main specialty of oak wood is that it will get naturally darker in color as it ages so it will be a great choice if you are really a lover of dark hardwood floor. If you want the most durable type of oak wood then it is suggested that you choose the dark red oak wood. This is claimed as the densest material that will not split for a lifetime.

Another dark hardwood floor type you can take for further consideration is maple hardwood floor. Similar to oak hardwood floors, maple hardwood floors have high resistance to abrasion. In addition, it will not be easy for this kind of hardwood floors type to splinter because of the hard and dense material. The main attraction of this hardwood floors is the great appearance it can provide. Maple hardwood floors are usually manufactured in various styles and grains so you can choose your favorite maple hardwood floors. On the other hand, you can also opt for softer dark hardwood floors such as cherry wood floors. This type of hardwood floors is more cost efficient so it will be perfect for a limited budget.


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