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Decorate Your House With Minimalist Interior Design

Nowadays, it is very common to hear minimalist interior design. You will immediately think of the designs which are very simple, efficient yet elegant. This style is actually started on 1920s and gradually enhance its peak moment in 1960s. Especially with architect Rohe that stated that less is more. Furthermore, the conventional and traditional styles of both Japanese and China also take part of this style`s improvement.

How To Identify Minimalist Interior Design?

The most easiest way to identify the minimalist design is by its shape. Most of the minimalist design is using simple geometry shapes such as rectangulars, squares or mix of both. The usage of circle, curve and moon shape are also common for the furnitures. However, the blue print will still have the basic of grids and balanced proportion.

As for the colors, the most common colors used for minimalist design are black, white or grey. Other colors, such as primary colors will be acting as the accents or patterns. Meanwhile the usage of more than one colors are usually to point out the centr point of the room. Primary colors also come for the furnitures as well.

The minimalist interior design is usually very efficient, neat and full of life. With the simple shapes and colors, you will find that the spaces created are very efficient and easy to move around. The spaces are well organized, which enable you to make sure that every space has its own parts. For example, the couch has its shelfs and an extra table can be pull out from it.

The usage of fabrics for couches, window treatments or tableclothes also enable you to determine the minimalist design by giving textures and colors. The fabrics that usually used for minimalist design have simple patterns, neutral colors and clean design. You can see that it works properly with other furnitures and decorations.

Decorate Your House With Interior Design

To decorate your house with minimalist interior design, you can start rearrange your furnitures to get clean spaces. You need to have the mind set of efficiency with elegancy, less is more and minimalism. You will see that once you are done with it, your life will be more organized and neat. Once you clean the spaces, you can rearrange the furnitures or even replace it with the one more minimalistic. For example, divide living room with guest room using bookcases or cabinets in between.

Repaint the walls to more neutral colors such as beige, cream, brown or white. The bold colors such as green, red or blue can be used as the accent in the room. Accents can be achieved from paintings, furnitures or even splash of bold colors among the neutral one. The furnitures should be arranged with soft and comfortable fabrics, so it would be an additional value for minimalist interior design.

Another important aspect is the natural lighting. Avoid using too many lights that are actually does not have crucial needs. You can use window openings as the source of natural lighting or maximize the track lighting and desk lamps to make your space more bright. Nevertheless, having minimalist interior design is an interesting choice that can make you feel comfortable and organized.

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