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Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

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There are definitely several things you need to consider if you have wonderful hardwood floors decorating your house. One of those things that have been very important is the maintenance and regular care. It has not been a secret that this type of floor requires a pretty complicated maintenance and care than any other types of floors. The surface of hardwood floor is said to be rather fragile and can be easily scratched, hence you need something to secure it from getting scratched. Minimizing scuff and scratch marks caused by constant contact with feet and furniture, you can consider securing your precious hardwood using rug pads for hardwood floors.

Rug pads for hardwood floors can significantly increase the beauty and gloss of your hardwood floors. it will conveniently cover your hardwood floors and secure them from direct contact with the harsh legs of your furniture and also the rough base of your home sandals. In addition, rug pads will also keep your hardwood from getting dirt and dust directly. The dust and debris will dirt the rug instead of your hardwood floors. This will be a more efficient way since rug pad is easier to clean than hardwood floors. You can simply put the rug pad to a laundry stall and get it clean just for a couple of moment. On the other hand, cleaning hardwood floors will definitely be more complicated. You need more time and also extra care in cleaning the floors.

As the first suggestion of rug pads you can surely use for your hardwood floors is the popular vinyl rug pad. In this modern era, you can find various types of vinyl rug pads that are specially designed for hardwood floors. The base of vinyl rug pad for hardwood is covered in non staining material so it will not scratch your hardwood floors. In addition, the soft base will also safe your hardwood floors from discolor issue. Since there are infinite vinyl rug pads for hardwood floors offered out there, so you need to be really careful in choosing. Make sure not to purchase a rug pad with rubber or plastic based rug pad since this kind of material can possibly build moisture and certainly decrease the life of your hardwood floors faster, instead.

Another type of rug pads for hardwood floors you can also opt is polyurethane rug pad. This kind of rug pad is also specially designed for hardwood floors. The non slip material that is used as the base of this rug will definitely give you a firm grip once you are stepping on the rug pad. Moreover, the polyurethane will provide a comfortable cushion feature and also become a great insulator as well.

Fiber rug pads for hardwood floors could also be a great option you can include to the list. This is like a combination you can et from both vinyl rug pad and polyurethane rug pad. Though, it naturally has slightly lower quality than both previous rug pads.  However, fiber rug pad will give more air to your hardwood floors so it can breathe more easily although they are covered by rug pad.

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