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Dwell Prefab Homes

Dwell Prefab Homes Designs

The Designs of Dwell Prefab Homes

Perhaps, you are one of the people who have already known about the connection and corporation between the Dwell Magazine with some very well-known architects and builders with their purpose so that a signature line of prefab homes can be developed and the sustainable design and building with the amazing look are the important things which are focused on by them. The Dwell Home Collection has featured The Turkel Design which is collaborated with Lindal Cedar Homes and the Marmol Redziner Prefab with its three modern prefab homes designs. The quality of design, modern amenities, and most importantly the integration of sustainable features are indicated by Dwell’s recent selection of these particular prefab home designs so that a efficient and eco-friendly home can be created.

Therefore, the Dwell prefab homes will be our topic today and the first prefab home that has amazed many people is the Marmol Radziner Prefab Homes Skyline Series and their first prefab home was built in 2004 and their design and fabrication methods have really been improved well since their first prefabricated home. Their prefabricated modules are factory made and they will even ship whole to the site completed with doors, windows, exterior and interior finished so the waste can be minimized during the construction process. Moreover, the customizable homes of Skyline series with size different configurations ranged in size from 1,755 to 3,180 square feet with one or two stories have been designed by Marmol Radziner.

In addition, a number of sustainable design elements are featured by the Skyline series of the Dwell prefab homes and the extensive use of wood that is known as FSC certified is included in this home. The even build the cabinets and interior finishes with recycled and recovered content fiber with the formaldehyde free. Moreover, they also optimize and locate the doors and windows and the natural ventilation is also encouraged by them.

All about Dwell Prefab Homes

The Collection of Dwell Prefab Homes


The LEED certification is the goal created by the Marmol Radziner to be received when they have designed all homes of the Dwell prefab homes even though the location of the home will be the main factor which determines the exact rating. The other prefab home is the Turkel Design collaborated with Lindal Cedar Homes Prefab Collection and a signature home for Dwell back in 2005 was designed by Joe Turkel that he called as the NextHouse. With the Lindal Cedar Homes as a team, they have successfully designed the great homes until the Dwell Home Collection chose their design.

Dwell Prefab Homes Prices

The Modernity of Dwell Prefab Homes

The Dwell Home Collection chose their design because the modernity and efficiency are given by this team through their design. As additional information, the green home building have been created and built by Lindal Cedar Homes and 17 green principles have also been owned by them. A connection with the outdoors through their use of large desks and outdoor living spaces added with the natural lighting are focused on by the homes designed by Lindal Cedar Homes.

Dwell Prefab Homes Designs

The Designs of Dwell Prefab Homes

Moreover, only the responsibly harvested wood which is used by Lindal and Turkel for the homes along with the efficiency during the process of manufacturing so the use of natural resources can be minimized. They will only install the energy efficient appliances and systems and they can then deliver the home all in one load so the transportation can be reduced. Well, what do you think about the Dwell prefab homes then?

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