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Paint Stencils for Walls

If you think that plain painting technique is too old-fashioned and dull for your modern styled house then you can turn your attention onto paint stencils for walls idea. This is definitely a new and unique way of decorating your walls. With a simple paint and your favorite stencil shape sketch you can make your desired wall decoration. Not only this, you can also safe more time by decorating your walls using this kind of wall painting decorating technique. How come? You do not have to completely paint the whole walls juts to get a new look for your house, you just need to find your favorite shape of stencil sketch then draw your desired image onto the walls using the stencil paints and sketch. In addition, you will also save more money this way.

There is several efficient way of applying paint stencil decoration for your walls. The first suggestion of painting stencil onto your walls is by using a personalized technique. This is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way of applying painted stencil arts to your house. You can simply buy several cursive letters from a craft shop in your local area. You can choose several letters that can build your desired words. Afterwards, you can choose your favorite colors of stencil paints and purchase them. After you have gathered all the materials needed then you can start drawing your desired words on your desired wall. You can use some encouraging words and also quotes for some certain rooms. You can also draw simple alphabets for your children’s room.

Another idea of paint stencils for walls you can take for further consideration is garden theme. This type of paint stencil ideas will be perfect for your daughter’s bedroom. You can purchase various flower and tree stencils from the same craft store near your house. For this kind of stencil theme, it will be better if you use natural colors combined with bright and bold colors as well.

The natural colors such as green and brown will be perfect to draw land and tree, meanwhile bright and bold colors such as red, yellow and purple can be used to draw flowers and butterflies. You can also add a smiling sun stencil to complete the look of a garden in the morning. For this kind of theme, it will be better if you use the wall of the opposite of your bedroom door as the centerpiece, so when people enter the room then she or he will immediately see the garden stencil.

If you want to make paint stencils for walls of your son’s bedroom, then you can consider stick men stencil. The main concept of this stick men stencil is the image of simple stick men that are depicted in several poses. For example, you can draw a sitting stick man, then you can also draw a standing stick man, and for the last stick man you can draw a running posed stick man. This kind of stencil is actually one idea that is categorized as custom stencils so you can freely change the stick men into another shape or figure you have always imagined.


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