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Adding a New Bathroom: Breakdown of Costs

Recommended Measurement

How much does it cost to add a bathroom is probably the most frequent question to utter in case you have already built your new house. Definitely, building a bathroom first once you have finished building your house is the right decision since it will need complicated plumbing system and sanitary system as well. Before actually building the bathroom, you will definitely need to calculate the budget first so your bathroom project will be better organized and plan. Since there are a lot of points that can significantly determine the cost of building a bathroom, thus you have to read this passage further so you can calculate how much your bathroom will cost you.

Full Bath or Half Bath

The very first thing you need to calculate so you can answer the question how much does it cost to add a bathroom is definitely the type of the bathroom itself. You can have a full bathroom or half bathroom, you need to decide first. A full bathroom is typically a bathroom that has complete features such as bathtub, shower stall, toilet, water sink, and usually complemented by various additional bathroom furniture such as bathroom vanities and bathroom towel shelf. On the other hand, a half bathroom will be more concentrating on the main function only, such as a small bath, toilet and water faucet. You need to carefully consider which type of bathroom you really need at the time.

Size of the Space and Bathroom

Full Bath

After you have determined which bathroom type you want to build, the next step you need to do is to measure the available space you want to build a bathroom and the size of your bathroom you want to build. This is very important since it will significantly determine the cost of the materials and tools you will use for the bathroom later on. A full bathroom will definitely need a wider space since it will have a shower stall or bathtub, toilet, bathroom sink and also bathroom vanities. Meanwhile, a half bathroom definitely needs smaller space, enough for a toilet and a water sink. Under this condition, building a full bathroom will definitely require more space and money than building a half bathroom.

Recommended Measurement

Materials and Tools

The next you need to also calculate is the materials and tools you will definitely need for the building project. After you have determined the type of your bathroom and measure the size of it then you can continue calculating the estimated cost you will spend for the materials and tools you need. You need to calculate the tiling cost, along with the furniture and accessories you want to add later on. The cost will absolutely be determined by the type of materials you want to use. Do not forget to also include the cost you will spend for the tools. Determine which tools you want to buy yourself and which tools that you want to rent so you can make a correct calculation.

Half Bath

Contractors and Labors

So, how much does it cost to add a bathroom? The last item you need to also include in the calculation list is the contractor and labors you will likely require. Remember that you will need the help from professional to get the right design and construction and you are definitely unable to do the whole project by yourself. So you will also need to hire some labors to help you in this project.


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