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Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas

For years a lot of designers have been known to admire subway tile bathrooms. They often say the exquisite look of this tiling type is absolutely enhancing. In addition, the high durability subway tile possess will perfectly suit the required feature of bathroom floors. If you are interested in learning more about how to incorporate subway tiles in your bathroom then keep reading our article as we will discuss several facts about subway tile bathroom and several suggestions about popular subway tile bathroom ideas.

Originally, the name subway tile was influenced by New York subway’s construction. In the 1905 at that time, the subway tile was specially chosen from the strongest and the most durable material for flooring. It has high resistance toward scratches and also natural damage as well. Aside from its natural durability, this flooring type also has a high decorative value. The naturally beautiful white color of this subway tile is definitely the main attraction that increases the popularity of this flooring type. Its natural glossy surface is also perfect to decorate the underground subway at the time.

The history of this New York subway tile is very powerful and has inspired a lot of artists in other fields as well. It is not surprising that the phenomenal flooring type also inspired interior designers as well. Inspired by the strong and highly durable subway tile, they also designed some innovation of subway tile bathroom ideas. In their opinion, the high durability of subway tiles can match perfectly with flooring characteristic needed by bathroom. Therefore, the designers started adopting the idea of using subway tile for decorating a bathroom from that time. They have made some modification of original subway tile into decorative subway tiles that can give a face lift to your bathroom.

There are several types of subway tiles you can find out there. The first is classic subway tile, the second is traditional ceramic subway tile and the last is versatility subway tile. The first type of subway tiles is said to have the cleanest quality and also pretty high durability. Meanwhile, traditional ceramic subway tile is said to have lower level of durability. However, this second type is definitely more durable compared to any other common flooring types. On the other hand, versatility subway tile is said to be the strongest subway tile with the best quality. This third type of subway tile will absolutely be the greatest choice for your bathroom.

Amongst all subway tile bathroom ideas, the most popular idea that has been widely used is black and white subway tile bathroom. These two neutral colors are can make a great harmony and also create sophisticated and elegant look to your bathroom. You can combine octagon white subway tiles with square black subway tiles so you can get a unique combination of black and white subway tiles. For the centerpiece, you may add a uniquely shaped subway tiles that has elegant pattern as well so your bathroom floors will not be like a plain chessboard.


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