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How to Tile a Shower Wall

Installing the Shower Tiles

How to tile a shower wall is definitely one of the most important topics about bathroom renovation you should know. In this case, you need to definitely find the most suitable materials that can endure all the situations of a bathroom. On the other hand, although you need to choose a material that has high durability but you also consider the maintenance issue as well. In order to make a great tile shower walls, they are not only supposed to be durable but also easy to clean and maintained as well. This way you can get a long lasting beautiful and healthy bathroom, absolutely.

Today, this passage will try to discuss about some tips and tricks on how to tile a shower wall. This will slightly be different from installing the bathroom floor. For the bathroom floor, it will be a lot easier since there will not be a lot of object that needs to be installed, and plus, the media will be horizontal so you can get easy access and gravity to support the installing process. On the other hand, in installing tile shower walls you will need more patience and also attention as well. If the gravity will definitely be the support of your bathroom floor installation, it will be against you when you are installing your shower tiles. Therefore, you will need a lot more patience and carefulness in this case. In addition, you will also need the right materials and also tools that will definitely ease during the installation process.

Thin Mortar Layer

The best tile type for your shower will be those who have high durability to water and high moisture resistance as well. You need to also consider a tile type that has special surface coating that will be waterproof. Since shower stall will definitely have the most constant contact with water, therefore they have to have the most durable feature. Subway tile or granite tile are two example of shower tiles options you can surely try.

Installing the Shower Tiles

First of all, grab the required materials and also tools that can help you in this shower walls tiling project. Pencil, tape measure, mortar and also the main shower tiles will be the most important things that should be well prepared. After you have collected the required items, the very first thing you need to do is to pinpoint the middle of your shower walls by measuring the whole length of your shower walls, horizontally. After you have prepared the walls, the next step you need to do is to spread a thin layer of mortar using a trowel.

Half finished Shower Tiles

After you have spread the mortar layer on the walls, then the next step you can do is to install the shower tiles one by one. Coat a good amount of mortar starting from the center of your shower tile then press it onto the shower walls according to your desired arrangement. Do not forget to make space between the tile and the floor for the grout later on. This will be the most important part on how to tile a shower wall you need to do, so you need to pay extra attention. The next step will be the grouting process and then your shower stall will be ready to use.

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