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Details of Bathroom Renovation Cost

Cost for Specific Part Renovated in Your Bathroom

Specific Part Renovated

Planning for bathroom renovation will need you to have further detail on bathroom renovation cost. To have further detail of budget plan needed for a bathroom renovation is important since you will decide for different bathroom type for your house. Here you will find things that you might not find in usual budget plan advice.

When you don’t know where and when to start, the only rules that will help you determine bathroom renovation cost is to follow the rule of thumb that will suggest you to have no more than 5 to 10 percent of your home value for the renovation cost. This cost including the materials and installation as well. It will be very important as you will have the budget plan still on the right track and avoid swollen in your budget plan.

Cost for Specific Part Renovated in Your Bathroom

Specific Part Renovated

More Specific Things to Consider on Bathroom Renovation Cost

Based on a reliable source of magazine, you will find that the average cost needed for bathroom renovation is about $16,000. Moreover, for the mid-range bathroom remodeling according to a magazine, it will take for about $16,552, while for upscale bathroom, you will have $52, 249. Those are specific detail that will be helpful for you to determine your budget plan and let it help you to keep track of your budget plan. Though it seems quite complete to help you plan for your bathroom renovation cost, you will more detail to help you and make the renovation even easier than ever.

Different Type of Bathroom Mean Different Cost Needed

Different Type Bathroom

    If you’d like those budget plan to be broken down, here are the details:

  • 20 percent is for the labor that will take the highest expense in your budget plan.
  • 16 percent will be for the cabinetry and hardware as this is the second important thing you will need to pay more attention as one of the most important part in your kitchen.
  • 15 perceent goes to the fixtures
  • 14 percent will be left for faucets and plumbing
  • 9 percent is needed for floors
  • 4 percent is prepared for doors and window
  • 5 percent for walls and ceiling
  • The other 5 percent for lighting and ventilation
  • The next 4 percent will goes to design fees and you left 1 percent for other such as the accents
Bathroom Renovation Need Good Preparation

Bathroom Renovation Cost

After having the details that you will need for the renovation, following are advices that will be quite useful to help you reduce the bathroom renovation cost.

  1. Replacing the vanity with a new wood model is the first thing and one of the best ideas.
  2. Adding new faucet and mirror.
  3. Combining new combination light and exhaust fan with the lighting and ventilation.
  4. A set of sconces added to the side of mirror medicine cabinet will be excellent.
  5. Multiple setting for your standard showerhead will bring you big favor.

Those are several things you can do to make your bathroom renovation cost less than $1,000. It might be simple, but is helpful.

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